Mr. Anand Kant Bhatia

From the desk of the Care taker of this website

I got the inspiration of preparing this website of “Bannu Biradari” from those people of the fraternity who they spent valuable phase of their lives for this community. On the other hand I wish to give the credit to those people who I found curious about collecting knowledge for Bannu (Pakistan). I am proud to be the part of this rich community and as a vote of thanks I dedicate this website to my Grand father Late Sh. Maakhi Ram Bhatia, Grand mother Late Smt. Thakari Bai Bhatia, Father Late Sh. Tirath Ram Bhatia and Mother Smt. Bhushan Kanta Bhatia.

Whenever I asked very inquisitively about Bannu (Pakistan) and the lifestyle of our ancestors over there from the seniors of our community, and in reply to my queries when I was told “I am sorry to explain much about your query as I was too little at that stage” it always made me hurt. Then someday a thought of creating a website for the people of Bannu Community came into my mind, so that if in future anyone who belongs to this community wants to know about the lifestyle, culture, & rituals n ceremonies of our society, or particularly about Bannu before partition then he or she could get the maximum data over there.


Narrinder Kumar Bhatia

A Message of Bannu Biradari Bhawan (Ashram) Regd. Kanpur

It is a matter of joy that having a positive thought a website has been created for our vast and thriving community “Bannu Biradari” explaining in details the basics about the Bannu before partition from where we belong to. First of all I want to congratulate the Care taker of this site, because when working was going on this site and I was told about the basics & outcomes of this site, I got impressed and am confident that the site designed by Sh. Anand Kant Bhatia (Faridabad) will not only explain about Bannu before partition but will be very helpful for our Bannu community in developing a better future for the generations to come. Reply to almost every question regarding Bannu Biradari can be achieved from this site. This site very elegantly discloses that how after partition, our elders who established themselves in various cities of India instituted Organisations and built Buildings for the betterment of the community. By placing details & pictures of such elders of our community on this site, the caretaker not only has paid his tribute to them but has also got success in convincing the coming generations to learn from their sacrifices for our community.


A Message of Faridabad Bannu Biradari (Regd.)

Som Nath Grover It is very much Important that our children should know the culture of their forefathers who were destabilized from Bannu (Pakistan). The way of their living, their food, their dressing sense and style, their religious awareness, their social activities, their brotherhood ness and most importantly all the sufferings and pains they had gone through at the time of partition. As everybody knows that in the present time in our country or worldwide wherever Indians and Hindu’s reside, we play and see the act of RAMAYANA, RAAS LEELA or MAHABHARAT every year. Reason behind seeing these acts again and again every year is just to remind us about the living style of Lord Rama and Lord Krishna and their teachings to be a good son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, friend etc. and for this a particular media is required whether it is stage, television, video players or anything else. Same is in case of getting aware or making aware about the culture, living style and much more about the community we belong to. Till date we have lost or we can say almost lost our ancestral culture thus it was very necessary to have a mode of information about Bannu and Bannu culture before and after partition.